Eco-Agents (Miljøagentene)

Who we are

Eco-agents is an environmental organisation for children in Norway. It was established in 2006 on the basis of its predecessor “Blekkulfs Miljødektektiver” which was formed in 1992. Eco-Agents have more than 9000 members and about 50 local groups all over Norway.

Eco-Agents is a democratic organisation and the children who are members decide what issues we work with and what kind of activities we organize. Our goal is to engage children in environmental issues and make their voices heard, which is also anchored in the UNs Convention on the Rights of the Child.

What we do

Our aim is to stimulate the children’s interest and love of nature, and to make them realize that the way we live our lives influence the environment. Eco-Agents arrange various types of activities both locally and nationally, which can be divided into the following main categories;

Local community

Spring clean up/clean a beach
Bicycle repair and bicycle activities
Nature walk and quiz
Trip to a farm
Treasure hunt in the forest/ocean/lake
Swap meets and second hand market
Garbage art
Christmas workshop with focus on environmentally friendly Christmas gifts and wrapping
Outdoor activities
Participate at local festivals


“Beintøft” – walk, use bicycle or public transport to your school
“Batterijakten” – collect and recycle used batteries
Idle free cars
Composting at schools
Biodiversity exhibitions at schools


Newspaper articles and TV appearances
Information on social media platforms
New environmental curriculum at schools
Against oil drilling in vulnerable areas
No to advertisement brochures delivered with the post

How we do it

Eco-Agents is managed by a board of trustees and a secretariat based in Oslo. Every other year, Eco-Agents arrange a national meeting where the children decide which topics we will work with and who will be elected for the board of trustees. At the meeting, eight children are also elected to be part of the Children’s Climate panel, who act as a voice for all of Norway’s children. They have written a report which has been presented to the parliament in Norway and to the UN Panel on Climate Change.

Eco-Agents receive funding from both the Norwegian Government and commercial actors. We aim to influence our commercial partners to incorporate environment and sustainability in their line of work. 

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