Eco-Agents (Miljøagentene)

Eco-Agents is a Norwegian environmental organization for - and with - children.

Children are the future, and the Eco-Agents make sure the voices of children are heard today, while preparing them for taking environmental leadership tomorrow. This means working to give children greater belief in themselves, in their future, and to demonstrate that taking action makes a difference.

The Eco-Agents wants to nourish a long lasting and solutions-oriented engagement for the environment among our members, on the children's own terms. And in our fight for a world where human activity stays safely within planetary boundaries, we emphasize optimism and a positive outlook in our activities. Optimism is, after all, a contagious condition.

This is the reason we in the Eco-Agents choose to face the challenges of today with enthusiasm, creativity, and inclusive action to build the motivation and momentum that is needed to secure a cleaner environment, global sustainable development, and safer future for us all.

Our values

The Eco-Agents work for “a world where the opinions of children about the future of the Earth is listened to and acted upon”.

The Eco-Agents is a democratic organization where it is the member children who decide what issues the organization should work with and what the activities should be. All children in Norway can become Eco-Agents – regardless of religion, faith, and creed. We are a non-governmental organization with no affiliation to political parties. However, we do get involved in political topics of our time and do whatever we can to get all political parties onboard to help take better care of our planet. 

The Eco-Agents have these fundamental goals:

  • That our members discover our wonderful nature and explore the connections between humans and nature.
  • To help give children belief in themselves, in the democratic process, and that it is important to take action. Eco-Agents have the right to speak up!
  • To work for a safer society where humans know what nature can tolerate and act accordingly, for a safer future for the Earth and humanity.
  • To support our Eco-Agents in the development of a life-long engagement for the climate and environment.

What we do

Eco-Agents was founded in 1994, growing out of the popular children’s movement “Inky’s Environmental Detectives”. In 2006 the organisation changed name to “Miljøagentene”, with the English name Eco-Agents. Today, the organisation has local groups across most of Norway and many thousand registered members.

Each local group determines its own activities, which include campaigning, organizing nature clean-up days, performing recycling drives, conducting surveys, and compiling reports. In addition, each year the members elect a Children’s Panel on Climate Change made up of eight members from the Eco-Agents. This group of children is given the task to act as a voice for Norway’s children at the annual UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Conference of the Parties summit – also known as the COP meetings.

  • Want to become an Eco-Agent, or do you have other inquiries? Contact us on
  • To find out more about the Children’s Panel on Climate Change: info is about to be updated

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